What is the difference between car wax and polish?

Car owners don’t know when and why to use car wax and polish to maintain the shine of their vehicle. Read ahead to understand the correct way to use them.

Car owners often wonder how to maintain the shine of their vehicle after prolonged use. One way to do this is to wax and polish the car regularly. Most car owners are unaware of the regularity with which they have to reapply wax and polish, while some ignore the process altogether. Read ahead to find out how to do this and keep your car as shiny as the day you bought it.

Why use car wax or car polish?

Car wax is a protective coating that is typically applied to prevent shine from fading due to various causes including excessive sun exposure, oxidation, and other external factors. Since it’s not abrasive, it’s the easiest way to smooth out a car’s paint shine.


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A car polish, on the other hand, is abrasive in nature and usually applied before car waxing and removes minor imperfections like corrosion or scratches by covering it all with a perfectly thin coating.

Application and other uses

Car wax and polish are totally different from each other when it comes to the application of the two products. Car wax is usually applied to the entire surface of a car body and then it is removed using certain tools after it has dried. Car polish is typically applied to selected areas where minor imperfections need to be corrected to give a smooth finish to the car body. Customers have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of waxes and polishes of eminent brands readily available in the market. Car wax and polish are specially designed for car owners and help to keep the car chic.


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Price efficiency

Car wax is cheaper than car polish because all you need is a foam applicator to apply it. If you want a cost effective yet safe option to protect your car’s body paint layer, then car wax is the right choice for you.


The most common question that arises is whether to use car wax or car polish. The most preferred option is to look for the best possible option within the budget but suitable for the needs of an individual. For those looking to maintain a high shine in their cars, both car wax and car polish are the best choices for doubling the overall protection. All you need to consider is that if the paint still looks good without major damage like swirls and scratches, then you can wax your car body without needing to reapply it often.

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