Tesla adds Disney + and car wash mode

My Tesla Model 3 is two years old this week, but it still looks new. Shortly after buying the car, she got one of the most important software updates in Teslas history – Tesla added a “Theater Mode” where you can watch Netflix, YouTube, Hulu or Twitch on your car’s large infotainment touchscreen. Now, since yesterday, Disney + has been added to this list.

The in-car cinema was already in use while I waited for my eldest daughter to leave school. The youngest cuddled up with mum and watched half of Raya and the last dragon … While I was working.

Needless to say, this Disney + update will be built on. There’s also a lot of National Graphic content out there that I think we’re finally going to be able to watch.

For anyone new to Tesla World, note that Tesla Theater cannot be used while driving. It is only available in Park. For the moment.

There were also several other updates. They were:

  • Car wash mode
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Dashcam improvements
  • Range display
  • Stay connected to Wi-Fi in Drive
  • Support for new languages

Let’s go through them.

Car wash mode

If you take your Tesla to a car wash like I do, you know there are a few things to do that you might just forget until the last moment (or after the last moment) – turn off the wipers. and fold up the mirrors. Heck, you might even forget to close all the windows. Apparently, other issues can arise as well – opening the charging point door due to some pressure on the door and triggering Sentry Mode (although I can’t say that either other never happened to me). A new Car wash mode now you’ve got you covered! Just press a few buttons and your car should be ready for a wash.

Over time I have learned to avoid certain car washes, especially the one I would probably use regularly if not for this one problem – you have to pull on some sort of belt and put the car in neutral. , but this is quite difficult once the belt moves. It seems that this update provides a solution – you just need to activate “Roll”. See the video above.

Auto-dimming rearview mirror

I can’t say I understand what this refers to. Mitigation? I have to search – maybe at night – to figure out what’s going on here. Either way, you can read the patch note: “You can now turn the automatic dimming of your mirrors on or off. ” Enjoy!

Dashcam improvements

I believe this feature was a Twitter request that Elon responded to. If you activate this new feature, the dashcam will automatically record the video clips it captures if a “safety event” is detected – an accident or an airbag deployment, for example.

Hyper attentive to people’s privacy concerns, Tesla notes that the recordings captured via this feature are never forwarded to Tesla. The point is simply to have a recording that you can use in the event of an accident, disruption or reckless driving.

Range display

Some people prefer to see their remaining range in terms of miles / kilometers. Some in terms of percentage (it’s me). Some may even like to go back and forth (however, I cannot say that I have met such a person before). Whether you are sharing a car with someone who prefers the “bad” display or you are that rare person who likes to switch between percentage and distance, you now have the option to switch between them rather than having to go through a few. settings screens. Just tap the battery symbol or the number next to it. (I can actually become a person who enjoys switching between them now that it’s so easy! And I bet others will find some interest and pleasure in doing the same.)

Stay connected to Wi-Fi in Drive

This one may sound strange / obscure, and it is. For some reason, if you are in Park and the car is connected to WiFi through your phone’s hotspot (like mine tends to be), when you put the car in Drive it kills the WIFI connection. I never understood why, but it can be a bit boring. For example, it can cancel Caraoke if you turned it on for kids, then you need to get your phone back and connect to WiFi again. No more!

Support for new languages

Finally, as is quite often the case, this update added new language options for the car’s touchscreen text – Russian, Romanian, and Hungarian in this case. There are now 24 different language options (note however that “French” and “Canadian French” are two options). Do you know of any other cars that speak so many languages?

FSD beta?

No not yet. However, after several months of Elon saying it should happen in about 2 weeks (language varied, but the time frame was almost always around 2 weeks, which actually became a popular joke in the Tesla fan community ), the current estimate is around 4 weeks. Also, this timeline looks more compelling due to the explanation, but I can’t say this is the first time I have confidence in the forecast.

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