Five uses of car wax that go beyond vehicle maintenance

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Person using a polisher to polish car wax in the hood of a car
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The car wax that you use to shine and polish your vehicle can be an essential tool for certain tasks inside and outside the home. Try using your car wax in the following ways to bring your patio, home, and garden to life.

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New life for outdoor furniture

With summer in full swing, you’re probably spending more time outdoors, either with your family and friends, or just relaxing alone in your backyard. The problem is, your patio furniture looks tired. A light coat of car wax can make clean metal or plastic chairs look new while helping repel tree sap, pollen, and dirt. according to Shay Trotter, writer of First For Women.

Anti-dust for ceiling fans

Just like it repels dust on your outdoor furniture, a thin layer of car wax can help your indoor ceiling fans stay dust free for longer. Trotter recommends applying a thin layer of substance to the top and bottom of your fan blades to create a dust barrier.

Surfaces without fingerprints in the kitchen

If you have stainless steel appliances, you know how difficult it is to keep them shiny and free from fingerprints, especially if your household is overcrowded. Car wax may be the answer to this endless horror.

“Apply a thin coat of car wax to stainless steel refrigerators and ranges. Buff Clean to resist fingerprints and smudges ”, advises This Old House screenwriter Jennifer Stimpson.

Illuminate the fixtures

Now that your stainless steel appliances are shining bright and free from fingerprints, grab the car wax and turn your attention to your kitchen sink fixture. Wax is great for making metal fixtures shine, and that includes your fixtures in your bathroom, Stimpson notes. Not only will the wax create a brilliant shine on faucets, but it will also help them repel stains.

Protect garden tools

Exposure to the natural elements wreaks havoc on the quality of your garden tools. To help protect them, Trotter suggests buffing the wax on the blades and hinges with a soft cloth.

“The wax will lubricate the metal, creating a smooth surface that repels sap, dirt and other sticky garden debris,” Trotter adds.

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The multiple uses of automotive wax can help you take care of both your home and your car.

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