Different ways to apply car wax varnish

Our rapidly changing lifestyle has converted many luxuries into basic needs. Cars, however, are still precious goods that require special care and attention. Besides regular maintenance and washing sessions, it also requires additional cosmetic care. So after washing you can still clean your vehicle with a little wax. In this article, we have mainly focused on the most basic techniques that will help you understand exactly how to apply car wax polish to your vehicle. Applying wax can be as useful for new cars as it is for used cars. There are basically 4 simple steps to apply car wax polish:

Ways to apply car wax polish

  1. Fieldwork: Take care to apply the wax only to a clean, dry surface. Remove all traces of moisture and dirt from the washed surface to prepare it for wax application. The presence of moisture will prevent the wax from sticking to the surface. Direct sunlight can be an enemy for polishing, so try to park the car in the shade when drying it off.

  2. Application: Remove the wax from the container and start applying the wax to the surface of the car with a light hand. Make sure the layer is as thin as possible to avoid any kind of wastage and easy polishing afterwards. Cover smaller areas like 2X2 feet in one go in a circular fashion, overlapping each circle.

  1. Wait some time: After you have coated the entire surface with car wax, let it sit. Wait a few minutes, then test the smudge level by running your fingers over it. If it smears again, the wax needs more time to stabilize.

  2. Wipe off: Once the wax is deposited, take a dry cloth and wipe off the wax. You will need a microfiber cloth which you can get from any car accessory store in India. Once you start wiping it down, you might feel a drag after a while, which means it’s time to flip the cloth over to the other side. Wipe the entire surface for the best shine.

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