Cheap or expensive car wash

We hate to tell you it, but not all car washes are created equal. Some of you obviously know the differences between the quality of the car wash you get from your coworker. bawah pokok entrepreneur, versus a professional auto designer with an appropriate brick and mortar establishment.

But the majority of people think they both produce the same result – clean, shiny cars, only at different prices. While true, this is anything but a gross oversimplification.

Over the past decades, the automotive service industry has grown exponentially, now packed with cutting edge products and solutions to restore, protect and maintain your precious cars. Plus, the fact that the well-heeled spared no expense to keep their cars shiny all year round has made the business much more lucrative than ever.

So that begs the question: why bother with an RM30 car wash when you can get exactly the same results for RM10? We’re glad you asked.

What does a cheap car wash look like?

We’re pretty much all guilty of going to a cheap car wash. They’re everywhere, sometimes growing in the middle of an abandoned parking lot, playground, and even gas stations. It’s convenient, easily accessible, and a complete vacuuming wash can be done inexpensively in under 30 minutes. Great when you’re in a rush.

It’s also fun to be sitting in your air-conditioned car with a phone in your hand while you feel the thrill of having your vehicle suffocated in thick, soapy foam. It’s your favorite part of the whole process, isn’t it?

The point is, no one really knows what kind of chemical is being used. It could be diluted dishwashing liquid or a questionable mixture of degreasing agent with another synthetic solution. Not only can shampoo damage the clear coat (also known as hairspray), its potency can sometimes remove waxes and sealants, resulting in a clean, albeit completely unprotected and hydrophilic finish.

Poor washing technique will abrade the clear coat

Using a sponge to wash a car is also no longer recommended, as the pores are not large enough to hold in dirt. The material is also not designed to pick up debris and contaminants as effectively as a microfiber washcloth, for example. Sponges are great for spreading shampoo on, but with fine sand and debris trapped in the pores, it looks a lot like sandpaper, ruining your paint with every stroke, even if you don’t smell it.

Inexpensive car washes involve the use of inexpensive products. There is nothing wrong with that, as there is clearly a market for these businesses to thrive. Car wash attendants also learn only basic techniques and how to flush out volume, and let’s not forget the occasional sale of “water wax”.

Again, nothing wrong there. Most of the people who frequent these establishments have little or no knowledge of car maintenance, or just don’t care at all. Improper care and listlessness will make the paint dull, as most of the clear coat (the actual coat that makes the paint look shiny) has eroded or oxidized.

“Cheap thing not good, good thing not cheap”

Now the first thing you pay for when you have your car washed by a professional retailer is the years of experience that come with it. These guys usually take a strict, methodical approach, even for something as basic as a car wash, using high quality washcloths with a safe clear shampoo (usually brand name as well), as well. than an invariable form of washing technique.

This means they wash a Kancil and a Ferrari in exactly the same way, but not because they’re a cocky bunch. They do this in a deliberate way that preserves the quality and integrity of the paint, taking into account things like the lubricity of the car shampoo and being careful not to apply too much pressure when washing, so not to inflict micro-scratches that spoil the finish.

This highly systematic approach is part of their mantra, refined and handed down by gurus with decades of experience detailing just about all kinds of vehicles. You pay more to have your cherished car serviced by enthusiasts who care enough about not taking shortcuts or compromising.

But like any industry, you will have to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are those in the business just to make a quick buck (this can be a very lucrative business), but there are also real retailers who don’t care about the franchise of their esteemed businesses.

Naturally, the best – even a franchise – command a pretty dime, so if you really love your car and don’t want to risk anything in the hands of inexperienced people, pay that RM30 (maybe more, depends). Otherwise, if you’re up for it, maybe try some basic car care. It’s far from intimidating, and you’ll end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

In the highly complex and technical world of automotive aesthetics, a car wash is only the tip of the iceberg. There are things like paint correction, car refinishing, upholstery rejuvenation, upholstery maintenance, interior upholstery, including more specialized areas like removing the skin effect from orange, paint protection film and undercarriage cleaning.

With the right car wash technique and a little UV protection, your factory paint job will last for decades, easily. Oh, if one may ask, please avoid the automatic car wash like the plague. Have a little respect for your car, will you?

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