Car wax vs car polish

In the car cleaning and washing industries, wax and polish are frequently used interchangeably. Failure to distinguish between car wax and car polish can be a costly mistake for the average person trying to make their vehicle shine. Polishing is a type of paint correction process that removes surface defects from your vehicle, while waxing is the procedure of applying a protective coat to a car’s paint as a detailed finish.

Car Polish vsWax: what’s the difference?

Car wax works the same way as nail polish. Although the latter is called varnish, it actually leaves a protective layer on the nail. Car wax does the same thing; after application, it leaves a protective layer of wax on the car. Most waxes now contain UV inhibitors, which protect the paintwork from sunlight, to improve its protective qualities.

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A car polish, on the other hand, uses abrasives to remove tiny scratches and swirl patterns from the vehicle’s surface. Polishing is done when an automobile’s paint has become dull or has lost its shine due to oxidation. Polishing is not suggested on a regular basis as its abrasive characteristics could damage the surface of the car body.

When to apply which?

Before determining whether to wax or polish your vehicle, make sure it is clean and dry. Then, with your fingertips, gently run them over the paint, looking for any rough areas or raised particles. If the surface is smooth, simply apply wax and wash it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you notice any small dents or abnormalities, the problems are below the surface and the car should be polished before applying the wax.

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Advantages and disadvantages

When used too frequently, the polish can eventually scrape off the topcoat and paint. The vehicle will need to be repainted in this situation. Some polishes, on the other hand, contain mild abrasives or polymer blends that cause minimal damage. The advantage of polish is that it lasts longer and maintains pearl water for up to a year. The wax needs to be applied more frequently and may melt if it gets too hot, especially on sun-exposed areas like the roof and hood.

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