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Before the aesthetic revolution, some car care manufacturers treated wax and polish as the same thing. Much of that has died out as more and more consumers have realized that polishes are designed to enhance the finish, while waxes are there to seal that shine and protect it.

For larger marks and heavily deteriorated paint, more abrasive products should be used. But it’s always a good idea to gradually reduce the roughness level, just like you would when finishing a body with finer and finer sandpaper.

How we tested them

There are different levels of polish and where possible we went for the lightest abrasive as we were looking for the best gloss after a number of passes on our sectioned hood. To find the best we have used a pad to ensure even pressure, while control zones have been adopted to assess the progress and finish left by our competitors. We also took into account the price.


Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound

  • Price: £ 16
  • Cut: 450 ml
  • Evaluation: 5 stars

At the low speeds of our rotary machine, a longtime test favorite, Meguiar’s fared well and lived up to the new Autoglym Ultra High Definition Polishing Compound, delivering an excellent finish very easily. You would need to add pads and cloth to the kit to match its rival here, but that would still fetch it considerably below the price of the Autoglym. Ultimate Compound is the choice of options here.

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Autobrite Cherry Direct Icing

  • Price: around £ 10
  • Cut: 500 ml
  • Evaluation: 4.5 stars

We are normally a little cautious about using all-in-one products, as they rarely perform all of their roles well. Autobrite calls it a Polish glaze and wax. We cannot guarantee its protective capabilities but, as a varnish, it is a cracker. Alongside our winner, he left the smoothest finish with the fewest fine marks. It can be applied with a machine or hand polisher, and polishes easily. It loses on the price here, but its protective capabilities help justify the higher cost.

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Perfect Polish Angelwax

  • Price: £ 8.99
  • Cut: 500 ml
  • Evaluation: 4 stars

Faced with two machine-applied compounds, it was like bringing a knife to a shootout, but Angelwax still did well. It was a bit behind the leaders and might have struggled at higher speeds and temperatures, but our smooth application was fine for it. While not recommended for anything other than manual application, it at least reveals the difference a machine polisher can make.

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Autoglym Super Resin Varnish

  • Price: about £ 14.00
  • Cut: 1l
  • Evaluation: 4 stars

For many, this veteran is the varnish of choice. It doesn’t claim to leave a protective finish, but it got a redesign a few years ago to improve that look. This is another varnish designed to be used by hand, and it is easy to apply and polish. It couldn’t quite match the Meguiar’s finish, although it made significant progress on our tired paintwork and was visibly ahead of other rivals. As always with Autoglym products, this is not the cheapest option, but it works well.

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Wax & Polish Simoniz Diamond

  • Price: About £ 5.00
  • Cut: 500 ml
  • Evaluation: 4 stars

Combining a wax and polish in the same product has a little old school vibe, but this Simoniz product has worked well for us. Even though he was a step behind some rivals, his effect was easy to see next to our areas of control. Simoniz calls it a mild abrasive, but it’s good enough to leave a decent finish. A combination of this performance and an exceptional price has earned it a place among our top four. At a fraction of the cost of most competitors, this is our choice for those on a budget.

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Autoglym Ultra High Definition Polishing Compound

  • Price: £ 55
  • Cut: 500 ml plus two polishing pads and a microfiber cloth
  • Evaluation: 3.5 stars

The kit includes everything you need for the job, but you must provide your own polisher. And a polisher makes a huge difference in the speed and quality of what can be achieved, which has made it difficult to separate from our competition.

This kit works well with the hard pad doing most of the work and giving a great finish very quickly. There was little between her and Meguiar’s. The compound, which is not suitable for hand application, took a bit of effort to polish, but the improvement in our trial cap was impressive. Yet even using Autoglym’s prices for the pads and accessories, the compound costs almost £ 40, which is hard to justify.

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