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  • Waxing a car with traditional paste or liquid wax is a very tedious process that most people have neither the time nor the patience for. I am one of those people.
  • I used 303 Non-contact sealant, a quick alternative to wax. All you need to do is spray it on and rinse it off with water.
  • 303 Non-contact sealant uses a silicon dioxide base to create a hydrophobic and UV barrier on the paint, and it is also safe to use on windows and wheels. It made my car shiny, smooth, and repelled water longer than other waxes I have used.
  • At $ 18.22 for 32 ounces, it might be a bit more than the wax you’re using now, but the convenience and protection it offers makes up for the price difference.
  • UPDATE 03/20/2020: I tried other silicon dioxide sprays after use 303 Non-contact sealant, and they did not compare. It’s always my go-to product when I wash my cars.

Waxing your car is a great way to protect your paint, add shine, and repel water, but it’s a real labor of love – a job most people don’t have the patience or the patience for. time to do it right.

For me, it’s a bit of both. And because of that, I got bad results with the wax. Use too much and you’ll end up with chalky or mushy residue all over your car. Speed ​​through it and will surely have missed a few spots. As I prefer not to devote hours of my already limited free time to meticulous hair removal like the Karate Kid, I looked for a solid replacement for a long time – and I finally found it.

303 Non-contact sealant is a quick alternative to traditional pasty or liquid waxes. It uses SiO2 (silicon dioxide) to create a hydrophobic and UV barrier on your car’s surface to repel water and dirt, and since it’s safe to use on paint, glass and wheels, you don’t need cover windows while spraying.

This is how it works

I first tested 303 Non-contact sealant immediately after washing my new 2003 BMW 540i M-Sport, and it was extremely easy to use. Out of direct sunlight, spray it on your car’s surface, let it sit while you work, and rinse it off with water. You will immediately see the product in action. Water pearls and runs off quickly on the surface. I also treated all the windows, including my mirrors.

Once I dried my car it was bright enough to see the reflections of the surrounding trees, cars and clouds in the sky. It was also very smooth. An Amazon reviewer said he placed a can of soda on the hood of his car and before he could grab all of his things, the can had slipped off the surface of his car. It is this smooth.

Considering the very minimal amount of work and the first results, using this sealant Honestly, it feels like entering the cheat code into your favorite video game. It’s a super satisfying product to use compared to the overly tedious processes associated with car detailing.

303 Non-contact sealant

These photos were taken during the rinse process after using the sealer. You can see the water beading on the left and forming larger streams on the right.

Amir Ismael / Business Insider

I was satisfied with the immediate results of the 303 Non-contact sealant, but I really started to see the value over the next few days. While driving in the rain, the water seemed to leave my windshield as soon as it landed, which allowed me to see much more clearly. However, this is by no means a viable replacement for windshield wipers. You should definitely use them in the rain no matter what you have treated your glass with.

A week later, when I washed my car again, I noticed the same beading effect and that’s what impressed me the most. The fact that the 303 Non-contact sealant was still on my car and activated after a few days of rain throughout the week and a full wash proved to be very effective.

I have used other spray waxes and honestly they are all pretty bad. You can’t expect them to last longer than a few days, so they’re only good for the last minute details before a car show, big date, or photoshoot.

Update after almost a year of use

My car is by no means a queen of garages. I drive it every day and park it on the street at night, but that doesn’t mean I don’t take care of it.

I have owned my BMW 540i for about a year and have been using the 303 non-contact sealant for about 11 months. I am always impressed with how my car looks.

Even after trying other wax alternatives, I came back to the 303 Touchless Sealant because it is the most effective and long-lasting.


This is what my car looks like after applying the 303 Non-Contact Sealant. The 17 year old paint job is clean, shiny and smooth.

Amir Ismael / Business Insider

The bottom line

After using 303 Non-contact sealant, I’ll probably never use traditional car wax again. I have found it much easier to use and it takes a fraction of the time. At $ 18.22, it may be a few dollars more than the current wax you are using, but the time and effort it will save you far exceeds the dollar amount.

Whether you are a car enthusiast who knows how time-consuming car waxing can be, or someone who only occasionally goes all the way to the car wash behind the wheel, I highly recommend using the 303 non-contact sealant on your ride.

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