Loan even with existing loans”, “Loan even with bad information”, or similar were the ads in the print media in previous years. At that time, the offers of the stale smell of the dubious adhered to these offers. Credit intermediaries also pledged help in “the most difficult cases”. In fact, today there are cheap loans without Schufa, which are to be classified as quite serious.

Cheap credit without Schufa exam: test and comparison


Which bank or credit intermediary should you choose? Here we show you six reputable providers with free inquiry without pre-payment.

Experience shows that it can be worthwhile to obtain credit information from several providers in order to select the best offer. The request is free and non-binding for all providers.

Credit comparison without Schufa – Please click on the logo of the respective provider for further information.


* Debit interest rate of 4.83% – 15.49% (depending on creditworthiness) fixed for the entire term, effective annual interest rate: 4.90% up to a maximum of 15.99%, net loan amount: 1,000 – 100,000 euros, contract period: 12 – 120 months
Rep. Ex: Target interest rate 7.98% fixed for the entire term, Effective annual interest rate: 8.29%, Net loan amount: 10,000 euros, Contract period: 72 months, Monthly installment: 175.29 euros, Total interest expense: 2620.68 euros, total repayment (including all fees): 12.620,68 Euro.

Serious loans for people without Schufa problems can be found here in our credit comparison .

Regardless of whether a consumer wants to take out a loan from the bank, wants to finance a new television set in the electronics market or concludes a mobile phone contract, the Schufa information is in fact obligatory in this country. The Schufa information is an integral part of the credit check. A weak Schufa means higher interest rates on a bank loan, a negative Schufa means a rejection of the loan request.

Swiss credit

However, it is true that the Schufa is a purely German institution . In Switzerland, such an institution is completely unknown. That is why loans without Schufa are also known as Swiss Credit . For a private loan without a Schufa query, financial institutions in Switzerland are often providers of financial services offered by German credit intermediaries. The financial service providers from Switzerland (offers from countries such as Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Holland and Poland are rather rare) act under local law, so waive a request to the Schufa.There is therefore by the request for a foreign credit also no Schufa entry.

Who receives a loan despite negative Schufa?


The idea, of course, suggests that anyone who is rejected by a bank in Germany because of negative Schufa characteristics, can finance itself through a Swiss loan. This assumption is theoretically correct, but the Swiss foreign banks also work according to business criteria. This also includes the consideration of credit default risk. Applicants must therefore comply with a non-schofabrien loan conditions. These include these requirements:

  • Applicant must be of legal age.
  • The residence must be located in the Federal Republic.
  • An income must be proven either from an employed or self-employed activity (salary statement). Even as a low-income earner, you often have good chances.
  • Self-employed persons must provide security, employees also, if a salary assignment is not sufficient or not possible.

Is there a loan without Schufa for the unemployed?

Is there a loan without Schufa for the unemployed?

Yes, there is also a loan without Schufa for unemployed, housewives and Hartz 4 recipients . Since a salary assignment is not possible and public funds can not be seized, the unemployed in this case have to provide other security instead of a proof of income. This can be the car letter for the car or a land charge order, if your own property is available. However, the question remains whether it makes sense to commit to a loan during a period of unemployment. The unemployment benefit is not known to be so abundant, that you absolutely want to repay a installment loan.

Pensioners and students

Pensioners and students

Retirees and students can also apply for a debt-free loan or rescheduling with the providers listed above.

When is a loan without Schufa query and credit check useful?

When is a loan without Schufa query and credit check useful?

In addition to a weak credit rating, there are other reasons to opt for a loan despite Schufa. The term “Nebenbeikredit” describes the topic most beautifully. If, for example, you plan to take out a larger loan and you do not want to weaken your credit rating for this sum with an already existing smaller liability, you can usefully resort to a loan despite Schufa. Generally such offers for those who want to know their Schufa basically without liabilities.

A planned mortgage lending may also be a reason to resort to a Swiss loan for, for example, a new car. Thus, the scope for the large-volume home loan remains untouched.

Not recommended is the credit without credit check, if there is already such a large amount of liabilities that the banks basically reject in this country. The risk of over-indebtedness is too great, if not already occurred. Instead of another loan from a foreign bank, we recommend contacting a debt counseling service. A debt restructuring loan can be very useful.

How does the transaction work?

How does the transaction work?

The application is made in Germany quite normally via an online portal. After checking, an online confirmation will be made. (Serious credit intermediaries we have put together above in our loan without Schufa comparison .)

The agent then looks for a suitable partner in Switzerland. The payment of the loan is made either by bank transfer or in cash by the post office. Discretion is still a key word in banking for Swiss people. Therefore, the repayment of the loan must not be made by direct debit or standing order, but is possible by cash deposit at the bank counter.

The loan request is usually made via a broker in Germany. Of course, the question arises as to what a reputable mediator recognizes. Dubious provider

  • insist on a fee that is charged in advance for processing (pre-payment or advance payment)
  • connect the loan request with the conclusion of a life insurance or home savings contract

The aim of this “provider” is not the brokerage of a loan, but only the payment of the fee or the receipt of the final commission from other contracts.

Reputable providers of credit despite Schufa finance themselves exclusively through the commission they receive from the lender. These funds only flow when the contract is concluded. Of the Swiss banks require higher and some lower interest rates, a comparison of offers is well worth it.

The loans are at leisure and the repayment can be made in small installments.

A reputable provider never demands any initial costs for a loan brokerage.

Credit from private without Schufa possible?


“5,000 euros sought by private” – these ads are from the print media of the past still remembered. However, the loan applications for loans from private to private have meanwhile developed into a financial market, which is increasingly favoring banks and savings banks. The reputation of banks has suffered massively in recent years.

Not only borrowers, who would not receive loans from banks, but also consumers with very good creditworthiness, prefer to borrow money from banks. Loans from private to private are today conveyed via special platforms, such as auxmoney. However, the platforms have to ensure that the donors are checked in advance. For this reason, a Schufa request always takes place. However, only those who have hard, negative Schufa entries, such as pending bankruptcy, will be rejected. If you only have a very weak credit rating, you can still cancel your loan application.

The interest rate prizes the risk, and there are investors who accept a higher risk of default and return as part of their portfolio. On a credit platform, it is not the industrialized lending process of a bank or savings bank that determines whether a loan is granted, but the lenders. It is therefore up to the borrower how he sells himself and his project to be financed.

Apply for private credit without Schufa: Recommended portals

We recommend the following portals for the schufafreien private loan:

  • Auxmoney (Loans from private also despite Schufa without Vorkosten.Also for self-employed .)
  • Lendico (Loans from private also despite Schufa from 1.000 € loan amount and from 3,06% interest.

Mortgage lending without Schufa

Mortgage lending without Schufa

Even a mortgage lending despite negative Schufa and without equity is possible. Further information in the article Mortgage lending without Schufa .

Immediate withdrawal – fast loan


A quick loan without Schufa with immediate payment and immediate confirmation provides Vexcash . These are mini loans up to € 500 (existing customers up to € 1,000), which are repaid in a maximum of 30 days. They are therefore also called short-term loans.

Foreign countries

foreign countries

Credit comparison without Schufa abroad – Some of the schufa-free loans that are provided by the named providers such as Bon-Kredit come from other European countries such as Switzerland. Many of the loans are also realized via German banks.

Self-employed and freelancers

Self-employed and freelancers

Here you will find a loan without Schufa for self-employed and freelancers .

Test conclusion

Test conclusion

Cheap loans without Schufa are no longer automatically classified as dubious . Some intermediaries have been actively involved in mediation for decades, providing a solution even for difficult cases. Nonetheless, a number of criteria must be met for lending, as in the case of German banks. Private loans are also a solution if creditworthiness is weak, but the borrower can not avoid a fundamental Schufa inquiry

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